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Federal GOVERNMENT Internet Censorship HAS BEGUN *CRITICAL *WordPress *BLOGS *Of *Genius *TEAM *Of *FOUR *WordPress *WEBSITE *DEVELOPMENT *SPECIALISTS *Were *FEDERAL GOVERNMENT *CENSORED *On *December17, 2012 *BY *FEDERAL *GOVERNMENT *REMOVING *THEM* From *MANY *REVOLUTIONARY *WordPress *WEBSITES *OWNED *By *Heroic *WordPress *COLLABORATIVE *TEAM* Of *FOUR *Heroic * 420 *Creative *GENIUSES * The *FEDERAL *GOVERNMENT *Is *INTERNET *BLOCKING *FREEDOM OF SPEECH!* And *Internet Blocking* Justifiable REVOLUTION In America!!!* Thankfully *GOOGLE *Facebook *TWITTER* Are **ALL AWARE** Of This Incredible And HISTORIC Situation! (12-28-2012)

Federal Censors Continue To Corrupt Or Remove Our WordPress Team’s Key Blogs While Two Out Of Our Team’s Four Members Repeatedly Undergo Poison Gas Black Ops Murder Attempts And InternetConnected America Does Nothing (12-26-12)