Martial Law to America

End Times | Obama is bringing Martial Law to America in 2014!


End Times | Obama is bringing Martial Law to America in 2014! <<<—A 12.5 minute YouTube Must See! from the YouTube Channel Reflected Below.

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Published on Jul 14, 2013

Have you ever wondered why all these drastic alterations are being made to The United stated of America?

This is why

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Dear Fellow Americans:

The Above Video made last July sure concerns me.

Are Enough Americans Aware of What Is Really Going On In America?  (They sure did not get this knowledge from reading mainstream newspapers and magazines, or watching mainstream TV.)

I know for a fact that essentially—>

“If My Fellow Americans were Adequately Aware In Massive Numbers of What Is Really Going On In America there would be a Justifiable Revolution in the United States within a matter of weeks!” (As soon as we could make reasonable preparations for such.)

When and How Are My Fellow Americans Going To Justifiably Revolt and Take Over the Corrupt Federal Government of the United States?

If Justifiable Revolution does not happen in America, then what?

Are Too Many Of My “Non-Internet Aware” Fellow Americans Going To Remain In Denial, and Simply Wait for the Federal Government to Spring Its “Soon To Be Fully Prepared For”—>

Economic Collapse/Dollar Collapse, Hyperinflation, and Martial Law Trap On All of Us?

For those of us “fighting the Good Fight” for Truth on the Internet—>

Beware of the Feds Either Heavily Censoring or Shutting Down the Internet!

Do Not Underestimate the Federal Government’s Evil

D.H.S., FEMA camp, and Extermination Agendas!

It May Be a Dire And Life Threatening Emergency (Your Life!) If The U.S. Government Does

Heavily Censor or—>

Shut Down the Internet!  (If you are reading this material, you are likely to be on one or another Federal List or Lists, to include your location, of course!  The Feds may Act on this Knowledge and “pick you up or try to anyway”.)

If the Internet Gets Shut Down >OR< Martial Law Gets Declared in the U.S.—>

Grabbing Your Gun And Meeting Your Fellow Patriots In An Unassailable Group Size at City Hall At Noon the Next Day to “talk things out”  might be a very wise idea.  (This assumes that you make it through the night without the NDAA being used on you to “take you away”.)

Us Patriots Sure Need Some Kind of Plan! for >>>When Martial Law is Declared Nationwide at some point soon<<< (within a year perhaps, or perhaps even much less).

Anybody got any Goods Ideas in the above regards?—>  If so, please put them in a comment below.

Don’t Give Up! All is Not Lost! We Greatly Outnumber Them! We Greatly Outnumber Them If “We Are Aware >>>or Become Aware<<< of the Truth”. We Can and SHOULD Win this War For the Truth. It would be wise for us to be Smart about Strategy, that’s all!

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