I Wanted To Take A Snapshot Of This Blog Because Hackers Shut My Smart Phone Down While Writing It

I Wanted To Take A Snapshot Of This Blog Because Hackers Shut My Smart Phone Down While Writing It



Hackers have not shut my smart phone down for quite some time. They did tonight! while I was working on the copy below. My 3G signal died and WordPress locked up despite my having four bars in regard to signal strength. And my wireless capability on my smart phone is dead tonight as well. I am going to edit the below to the current state it is in on my smart phone (with one small exception), and then go back to bed. I had to get out of bed to do this by using my iMac downstairs. I will explain more tomorrow. Allen D


Blog Title—> There Is A Temporary Stalemate Between The U.S. Government And An Armed American Public


This blog is under construction.

The U.S. Government would love to strip the American Public of its guns and ammunition, and effect a Martial Law and FEMA Camp extermination agenda on hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of political dissidents in America, almost all of which are American citizens.

The problem here is that far too many American citizens know the above, due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet.

As soon as Federal actions are taken to forcibly take away American citizens 2nd Amendment Rights, and strip people’s guns from them, or force government registration on a nationwide basis, such actions will almost certainly start an armed guerilla warfare Revolution in America.

What makes matters worse for the United States Federal Government is that many members of the police and military in America believe in the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms. These people will not support forcible Federal Action to take gun rights from the American Public under any pretense, including that of Martial Law.

In a state of Martial Law, hyperinflation, food shortages, etc. an American citizen needs his or her guns to defend themselves and their loved ones against marauding and armed predators.

For the government to try to step in and take away the guns of law abiding citizens during a state of Martial Law will only result in staunch resistance… both from those being stripped of their guns, and many of those given the task of doing the stripping.

On the other hand, the American Public is having a difficult time in regard to starting a Justifiable Revolution in order to topple its corrupt Corporate Controlled, Mafia Controlled, and NWO agenda (the Illuminati, the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council for Foreign Relations, etc.) Controlled Federal Government.

We are in a stalemate at the moment, it seems.

This stalemate is not going to last forever. An economic collapse and/or a collapse in the value of the dollar are some of the reasons that may end it.

However, there are some other reasons as well… a false flag attack being one of them, of course.

More copy coming tomorrow.


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