Are There Any Magic Words I Could Blog That Could Get Me The Housing Support I Need? (3-27-14)

I am here to “try to help you people wake up to the horrific reality of what is in store for America if things do not massively change”.

If my value to you is little to nothing, don’t bother to pick me up.

If you value me and/or what I have to say, please find a way to pick me up and house me, so I can continue to be an Important Internet Voice.

My time on this earth is probably quite limited due to killers-in-waiting, if I do not get help this time out.

Nutrientscure's Blog

Yesterday was a rain day.

Today is going to be short, because the MSC Shelter is so full.

I do not want to get shut out and have to spend the night outside.

Staying in various shelters over the past few years one sees a lot of petty theft, unresolved mental illness and addiction.

Thankfully, one also sees a lot of small acts of human kindness too.

I do not know quite what to say today.

Magic words escape me.

I am beginning to realize that this trip is going to be like all the trips before.

With one exception.

I refuse to return to Albany NY.

The night before last I had nightmares in regard to the Mafia trying to kill me.

I have not had such nightmares for a long time.

Blogging what I did the other day in regard to the Mafia being Murder, Inc. for…

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