Glenn Beck Gets His Life Threatened If He Tells The Truth About FEMA Camps

The following YOUTUBE video is MUST SEE material by ALL Patriot Movement Members in America.

Below the YOUTUBE video reflected below is my interpretation of what happened to Glenn Beck, and the Great Importance to the Patriot Movement in America of “what this means”.

This critical blog is under construction, and will be completed tomorrow.

The copy I am writing for placement here is coming tomorrow. I don’t want to spread this material around on Thanksgiving anyway. Today is an appropriate day to be in denial, and think happy and positive thoughts. There is enough bad news in America and the world. Thanksgiving is a time to forget about such bad news for a day. It is quitting time now… it’s been a long day. A giant Thanksgiving hug to all of my team members for all of your heroic help, especially of late when I have been struggling quite a bit. I am healing, and will be back in the fight on a full time basis quite soon. I love you all. Allen D

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