Our 420Merry WordPress Band’s Patriot Movement Website And Blog List As Of July 2013

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This blog is going to take me some time, so please bear with me. (I need my hacked iMac back in order to due this job the justice it deserves.)

The Intent of this WordPress blog is for it to be a Master Copy in which other Patriotic Bloggers (Dean Garrison, etc) can use on their Patriot Website(s).

A Special Notable Quote (one of historic significance) From Our 420Merry Patriot Band of WordPress Bloggers


Notable Quotes

Easy reading is damn hard writing. Nathaniel Hawthorne

Damn hard writing is easy when >>>Using the Versatile and Incredibly Useful Blogging Tool<<>>WordPress.<<>>WordPress does more than just blogging<<>>It is the Best Executive Management Software Program in existence.<<< SmokeMasterAllenD

Sharing Is So Important!!! Sharing is Soon Going To Reshape both America and the World. (The Social Data Revolution is what this is called.)

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. W. Somerset Maugham

There are three rules for Soon Starting and Succeeding at a Revolution in America, and I know exactly what they are. SmokeMasterAllenD

More notable quotes coming soon.


From Our 420Merry Patriot Band of WordPress Bloggers: We shared your post with 7 WordPress.com followers and 70 Twitter followers one one end, and with an unknown number on the other.

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