The Patriot Movement Sorely Needs To Wake Up To The Fact That The Mafia Has Control Of The U.S. Government (7-17-2013)

on Suppression by Allen D

I know this for a Fact. It was even admitted to me “without words” by a member of the Mafia (and almost certainly “a made man”.)

There can be no Real Freedom in America unless the Mafia is dealt with in one of two ways.

One way involves the American Patriot Movement, the American Public at large and the upper echelon of Silicon Valley making a deal with the Mafia in which all parties involved benefit both fiscally and otherwise. (This is the course of action that I, Allen Darman, highly recommends.)

If the Mafia will not go along with making a mutually beneficial deal in which to topple our corrupt U.S.Federal Government, and wants to stick with the course that they are on now, No Revolution For Freedom And Justice That Will Occur In America will be complete unless “the Mafia is dealt with” (fought) too.

The above means…

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