Four Revolution Websites Of Allen Darman’s WordPress Collaborative Team (6-29-2013)

These Four Revolution Websites are as follows…

The Revolutionary Website of was the first one started (in April 2012), and it has the most blogs by far. However, it is an Organizational Mess. One reason for this mess is that the Mafia repeatedly attempted to kill Allen Darman in 2012. Allen blogged when he could. However, he was on the run much of the time. This situation of Allen being on the run is still true today.

Allen Darman is likely to be killed by the Mafia in 2013, simply for Blogging Alternative Medical Discovery and Energy Invention Suppression Truth.

Allen’s Only Wish is that he does not die in vain. Hopefully some persons with the Power to Effect Real Change heard what he had to say, and heard before it is too late (due to coming Federal Government Censorship and Suppression of Truth on the Internet).

Allen Darman (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Tagged: 2nd American Revolution, 2nd civil war, 2nd revolutionary war, second American Revolution, second civil war, United States Government Internet Censorship


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