Month: February 2013

Samantha Adams Has Initiated A Dialogue With Allen Darman on 2-25-2013* Allen Darman Asks His Fellow Americans To Please Place A Close Internet Watch On The Freedom The Life Of Samantha Adams (2-25-2013)

Posted on February 25, 2013

The Powers that Be are deathly afraid of what Samantha Adams represents, and what she is capable of doing.

The same applies to both Allen Darman individually, and Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

The Powers that Be are Between A Rock And A Hard Place at the Moment.  THEY CANNOT LET THINGS UNFOLD AS THEY SHOULD BETWEEN Samantha Adams and Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.  They HAVE TO STOP US one way or another.  Stopping us means Either **Jailing One or More of Us** or **Killing One Or More Of Us**.  However, when they Jail and/or Kill Us TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET WILL KNOW.  Our Internet Martyrdom will Slaughter Them.

The Powers that Be have a real dilemma on their hands due to Samantha Adams and Allen Darman and his entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team being of the Same Heart and Mind.

Someone is very possibly going to end up dead from mysterious causes between now and May 14th.

All of us are Brave Truth Warriors For America.  We will NOT BE INTIMIDATED, And We Will Not Back Up.

The Powers that Be Just Lost To A Handful of Heroes! It is only a Matter of Time before our Corrupt Federal Government Falls, whether We are Alive to See This Or Not!

In an Ideal World,  Samantha Adams, Allen Darman, and his entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team would **BE WORKING UNDER THE SAME ROOF FROM HERE ON OUT RIGHT UP UNTIL MAY 14th**.

Allen wonders where Samantha Adams is located city and state-wise, and if there is a spare bedroom or two in her apartment or house.

Allen also wants to inform Samantha Adams that his ability to either send or receive both emails and phone calls is limited, and that EVERYTHING he does IN THESE REGARDS is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT MONITORED BY BOTH THE MAFIA AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

What Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Stands For

Allen Darman Has Just Come Under Heavy Attack By A Directed Energy Weapon (2-24-2013)

It was 9:30 am when the following was written. (It is now almost 11:00 am and this Directed Energy Attack has stopped for now.)

The Directed Energy Weapon attacking me is silent. It makes the bed I am laying on vibrate. I moved to the floor, but I can still feel the vibration. I can feel this weapon in my legs and my midsection as well.

I was fine ten minutes ago. This attack has just begun, and it appears to be much stronger in intensity than the dozens of others I have had over the past five weeks or so.

If I happen to die of a heart attack today, this Directed Energy Weapon killed me.

This is Black Ops, CIA, NSA Level Stuff.

The Federal Government is sure trying to kill me and soon, I would guess. (The Mafia is Currently Suspect #2 to the Feds in regard to this stuff.)

Incidentally, for about three years the Mafia had been the #1 Suspect in regard to “Who Was Most Trying To Kill Me?” between the Mafia and the Feds. The word “Suspect” does not do the Truth Justice here, as I KNOW it was the Mafia that was trying to REPEATEDLY KILL ME from January 6, 2010 until quite recently. The Federal Government became my #1 Suspect in regard to “Who Is Most Trying to Kill Me?” only a few months ago, and the Mafia became Suspect #2.

This Change Reflected in the above is due to the Fact that >>>My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s BLOGGING IS FAR MORE OF A THREAT TO the United States Federal Government THAN IT IS A THREAT TO the Mafia AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

IF I, Allen Darman, OR ANY MEMBER OF MY WordPress COLLABORATIVE INTERNET TEAM DIES IN THE NEAR FUTURE ***For Any Reason***, the American Public should know that “We were some of President Obama’s FIRST VICTIMS under the NDAA.”

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

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A Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Friends Historic Event In Washington DC to Bring Our Federal Government Up For Treason on May 14, 2013

A Mass Citizens Arrest On OUR Elected Officials In The Federal Government.

We The People will meet at the Capital Building in Washington DC to make a mass citizens arrest on every member of congress – both the house and senate, the Vice President and President for Treason against the United States of America.

With the aid of local law enforcement We The People will read formal charges of treason against each and every one of them and then each will be arrested and given due process.

We The People as American citizens have every right to make a citizens arrest if we see a crime…See More

Washington, District of Columbia